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Achieve Will Help You:

  • Identify ideas and opportunities so you can achieve the success you desire for your life

  • Develop an Attitude to Achieve your goals. Learn how I achieved everything from business success to defeating depression.

  • Discover the habits of the highest achievers in the world and how you can follow their paths with just small tweaks to your daily habits.


And realize the joy and happiness that comes with becoming an Achiever!

What People are Saying About This Book

"…at times it felt like he was in the room telling the story to me. Even with my lack of real-world business experience I think he explained business scenarios in a way that was easy to understand and I think the application of the process to simulated scenarios really helped me understand what it takes to move an idea to a real world product."

- Jacob Cuyler

"Michael is legitimately impressive achiever and therefore well-qualified to write this kind of motivational book."

- Rebecca Cullen

"I found this reading project extremely entertaining. The personal stories were a highlight in the writing, and I found myself wanting to learn more. The book is inspiring, and the reader will want to work towards their goals after reading the book."

- Lora Lischer

I felt inspired and all I did was read the book! This is definitely a book that you would gift to someone feeling down or needed a pick me up. Or honestly just someone who needed a-little inspiration in their day! I have the urge to invent something or make something while and after reading your book. I’m not handy, but after reading your book – you made me believe I could do it!"

- Jeffrey Hopkins

"The overall message was to combine action with mental preparation to break down limits that keep us from achieving what we truly want to achieve. This makes achieving things that seem to be impossible as possible."

- Salina Galeai

Here's How This Is Different & Why You Want This Book

Look. I know how it is. You’ve seen books like mine before. And maybe you’re wondering, “is this really all that it’s cracked up to be?”


The answer is ... NO. 

It's Even Better.

Here’s why:

This isn’t some “rah rah” Book where you get a bunch of hyped up “motivation” and then leave empty handed. 

Heck - you’re already motivated! Otherwise, you wouldn’t be at this page! 

Here’s Exactly What We’ll Be Doing

I don’t talk about this much but I've struggled with many events in my life, some very recently.

I was in a near fatal motorcycle accident, I've been on the edge of financial collapse, I suffered through a terrible divorce, the break up of my dream family life and have been riddled with depression and anxiety. 

And for the longest time I thought that achieving important goals just wasn’t for me. That it was for other people. 

People who followed the rules. People who were more outgoing. People who knew how to finish.

Maybe you’ve felt that way before too. 

But then I started to study the path other took to achieve success and I realized that they shared many things in common. And that they each followed a process that created their own achievement formula.



So I studied them and I learned their formula. And I started to apply it.

...And the rest is history :-)


Once you have that, you’ll probably start looking at your goals in an entirely new light. 

You may find yourself with more confidence, more clarity, and you may be able to act faster with less doubt, stress, or confusion.

And you’ll learn the TRUTH about overcoming any obstacle.

I’ll tell you now - but this will become crystal clear as you read.

Here it is. 


The Truth About Overcoming Obstacles:



Here’s what I mean.

Do you know how many people hope something will change, things will get better or good luck will suddenly start flowing their way?

According to the University of Scranton, only 8% of people who set goals actually achieve them and the staggering amount of people who have HUGE ideas is massive.

There are so many people walking around knowing they have more potential. Knowing they could skyrocket to the top, to their next level, if someone would simply give them the road map or the opportunity. 

You see? They only wish they could achieve their goals but that don't believe it is possible so they generally don't even try.

Well if YOU have the desire to achieve your dreams, I've created the blueprint for massive achievement in your life.

But it only works if you Take Action.


Because knowledge without action is simply a dream.

In Achieve I deliver you both. The road map and the secrets that high achievers use to overcome whatever is in their way and achieve that next level of life.

Identify Promising Ideas and Opportunities

Once you get the formula and you see how to take control of your life and success, the next thing you’ll learn is how to identify opportunities and worthy ideas.

These are the things that inspire you for a brief moment before you brush them away with excuses. With this book you'll learn how to eliminate excuses and believe any idea is possible.

And here’s the thing.

We’re literally living in what I believe to be the most innovative times in history. (You’ll see why I say this in the Book).

Sure, you’re seeing “doom and gloom” on the news but there’s another side they’re NOT showing you.

There are NEW ways to achieve your goals that never before existed - and they aren't expensive or exclusive... enabling you to complete important projects without working your life away for years just hoping it’ll “finally work”.

So in the Book, you’re going to see the ONE THING that I’ve used to achieve more goals than anything else.

And you’ll see exactly what it is and how it works when you read my book.

But I’ll tell you something.

NONE OF IT WORKS without the next thing you’re getting, and that’s





May I ask you something?

How many times have you known exactly what to do ...and you’ve even wanted to do it ...but you just, well, didn’t?

Listen. I’ve done it too. We all have. We’ve all had an idea and we just put if off and didn’t follow through.

And the problem is that in so many cases, taking action and following through is the ONE THING that separates people who have massive success ...from those who don’t.

But I’ll give you a secret. The answer isn’t “more motivation”.

And it’s not some sort of “time management” program or anything else. And it’s certainly not a bigger “to do list”.

Instead it’s having a SYSTEM for making sure you stay focused and take action you can get what you really want, fast.

And when you get my book, you’re going to get the same system I use personally.

My secret is a simple SYSTEM for taking action and following through. And when you finally close the book after the last chapter, you’ll have it.

And once you have that, you’re ready for what might be the most important thing of all.

Something you can never lose, no matter what happens to the economy. No matter who’s in office. The ONE THING you can always depend on to get you what you want ...when you want it.

I’m talking about …




You already know this: We live in a NEW WORLD.

And it’s no longer a matter of who’s strongest, biggest, or fastest. And it no longer matters where you went to school (or if you went at all), who you know, or any of those old barriers that used to be in your way.

In today’s world, it’s all about this one question:


Do you have the



For most people, the answer is “no”.

They never bother to find out what true achievement is ...much less take the time to cultivate the skills necessary to achieve their dreams.

But in this book, you’ll discover what I’ve found to be the most valuable skill in the world.

And before you try to guess what it is, I’ll tell you what it’s NOT.

It's not even a skill that involves money!

And the good news is, they don’t teach it in college. Very few people even know about it very few people have it.

But it’s not difficult ...and it can be mastered at any age and I give you the recipe to follow so you can have this skill by the time you are done reading Achieve.

It’s truly staggering ...yet so few people master it (or even know about it!)

So as you can see, this is going to be MUCH MORE than you’re expecting.


Thanks so much for reading this LONG page and I look forward to hearing from you soon!




Michael J Lee

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