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I began my career at an early age as a student of technical and economic analysis from my father. John Lee was owner and commodity manager for the family manufacturing and global distribution business. His knowledge and regular use of economics relating to futures and commodity markets became a launching pad for my career. 

Initially focused on technical factors in relation to underlying fundamentals, I was able to build an understanding of the global investment marketplace.


In 2003 I co-founded an investment management company which diversified into managed futures and foreign exchange. I became a successful investor, taking large calculated risks in concentrated positions.

My dream at the age of sixteen was to manage assets dedicated to investments and strategies of my choosing. My continuous pursuit of financial markets knowledge and experience landed me in that very position in 2014 where I lead the investment committee for a large multi-strategy investment fund focusing on private markets including private equity, venture capital, and real estate.

These skills honed my ability to identify the driving factors of highly successful companies. Further research and experience allowed me to develop the ability to transform existing businesses into the great company the founders originally envisioned.

With this experience I consulted with companies producing billions of dollars in sales and managing tens of billions of dollars in physical and financial assets.   

I specialize in creating dynamic investment strategies that deliver outstanding results for institutions, family offices, RIA’s and UHNW investors. My unique approach has consistently helped my clients exceed their investment goals and achieve exceptional returns on their investments.

I have spent 27 years honing my skills in investment management and consulting, leading teams, family offices, investors, and global companies in investment strategy and capital management initiatives. My focus is on finding innovative solutions to complex issues for clients, with a particular interest in helping them grow and gain clarity in their investment management activities. This includes developing asset allocation strategies, coordinating advisors, implementing multi-generational planning, and strategic tax & philanthropic planning. I believe in utilizing a leader's intuition, as well as utilizing data and predictive analytics to inform capital management decisions.

I am fortunate to have worked with diverse & dynamic teams across a range of clients. I am intrigued by effective leadership. I applaud inclusion & collaboration; I try never to underestimate the power of purpose.

The driving purpose for all I do is to connect with people who have the desire, energy, resources, and share my passion for a better future for others, society, environment, and the world.

I am a graduate of the University of Georgia, with degrees in finance and information systems. I am also a CFA Charterholder and member of the CFA Institute. I am currently a member of the CFA Society of Atlanta and the CFA Society of Jacksonville.

I am highly driven to create a bright future for people, clients, and the economy. I'm also an avid adventure motorcyclist with a mission to #RideTheWorld. Please join me on Twitter @_MichaelJLee.

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