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Everything I do – create, write, money, network, give, play, and say serves a purpose. That purpose is to transform the world we all live in into something in which my children can find joy.
Love the World
Poverty, slavery, ecological imbalance, food/water shortage and quality along with declining health of our children are issues that should not exist in a rational, educated, advanced and united society.
But they do exist and not just barely. These global concerns flourish and proliferate within the inner depths of society here in the US and throughout the world.
So, does this mean we are indeed not rational?
Are we not educated?
Are we not advanced or united?
There are pockets of us that are aware and can see the big picture. We see how each piece moves and have thoughts, ideas and have developed strategies to improve the lives of billions of family and friends across this lively earth.
This is my mission and I ask you to join me.
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