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Achieve: Overcome Obstacles. Find Time for Greatness. Develop a Framework to Achieve Anything.

All Proceeds are Dedicated to the Conservation

and Reforestation of Pollinating Insect Habitats

Achieve is a book designed with one purpose in mind; to take your amazing ideas from your head and bring them

to this world, by using an easy to implement “Process”

applied by only the highest Achievers.

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“…at times it felt like he was in the room telling the story to me. He explained business scenarios in a way that was easy to understand and the application of the process to simulated scenarios really helped me understand what it takes to move an idea to a real world product." Jacob Cuyler

"Michael is legitimately impressive achiever and therefore well-qualified to write this kind of motivational book." Rebecca Cullen

"The overall message was to combine action with mental preparation to break down limits that keep us from achieving what we truly want to achieve. This makes achieving things that seem to be impossible as possible." Salina Galeai

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