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Ask Mike the CFA

You have what it takes to manage your wealth but need expert guidance here and there?

I can help!

I've been in the investment business for nearly 27 years. I've held nearly every role imaginable. If there is a question you have, I can answer it.

Why ask me? Why not hire an advisor instead?

Advisors can be expensive, I know, I've been one:-) I mean, look at all the possible fees you will pay:

  • Wealth management fees

  • Asset management fees

  • Financial management fees

  • Investment advisor fees

  • Money management fees

  • Managed account fees

  • Planning fees

  • Fund management fees

  • Portfolio management fees

And if you hire an advisor, these fees will be ongoing for as long as the advisor manages your money. But to everyone's surprise, most people don't need an advisor. Managing public assets has become incredibly easy these days.


If your financial picture is simple, you probably need a sensible direction to get you started or back on track. That's where I come in. I charge $179 to answer any question you have and guarantee to help or I'll refund your money. 

Simple is always better.

About Me 

I have 27 years invested in gathering industry experience & crafting my investment management and consulting abilities; leading teams, family offices, investors, and global companies on strategy & capital management initiatives. I spend my waking hours shaping innovative approaches to solving complex issues.

I find the greatest rewards in helping investors and organizations grow & find clarity in their capital management activities; whether that entails coordination of advisors, investment selection and analysis, lending and credit, developing an asset allocation strategy, due diligence, strategic tax planning. I believe in a leader’s intuition but also in working with advisors/boards/family members to unlock the value of big data with predictive analytics to support capital management decisions.

I am fortunate to have worked with diverse & dynamic teams across a range of clients (institutions, family offices, UHNW investors). I am intrigued by effective leadership. I applaud inclusion & collaboration; I try never to underestimate the power of purpose.

I am a thought leader on the global megatrends that are shaping future paths for business & society. I enjoy applying emerging trends to create opportunities and exceed client objectives.

The driving purpose for all I do is to connect with people who have the desire, energy, resources, and share my passion for a better future for others, society, environment, and the world.

Outside of family, other big passions for me include economic development and volunteering my time with various local and international organizations whose mission is to improve this world for all.

I am highly-driven to create a bright future for people, clients & economy. I'm also an avid adventure motorcyclist with a mission to #RideTheWorld. Please join me on Twitter @_MichaelJLee.

What is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)?


The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) program is a postgraduate professional certification offered internationally by the American-based CFA Institute (formerly the Association for Investment Management and Research, or AIMR) to investment and financial professionals.

It has the academic standing of a masters degree in the European Union and United Kingdom (Level 7 by NARIC), with level 2 being equivalent to a bachelors degree (Level 6 NARIC).[1] The charter has highest level of global legal and regulatory recognition of finance-related qualifications, exempting CFA charterholders from various industry regulatory and/or academic requirements depending on the country (see CFA Regulatory Recognition).

The program teaches a wide range of subjects relating to advanced investment analysis, including security analysis, statistics, probability theory, wealth management, financial planning, fixed income, derivatives, economics, financial analysis, corporate finance, alternative investments, portfolio management, and provides a generalist knowledge of other areas of finance. A candidate who successfully completes the program and meets other professional requirements is awarded the "CFA charter" and becomes a "CFA charterholder". As of April 2021, at least 170,000 people are charterholders globally, growing 7% annually since 2012.[2][3] Successful candidates take an average of four years to earn their CFA charter.[4][5]

Notable CFA charterholders include billionaire hedge fund managers Bill H. Gross, founder of PIMCO, and Howard Marks, founder of Oaktree Capital Management.


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