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One on one coaching is a journey we take with our clients for the benefit of our clients. While we may be compensated for our time, and we should be, we must never forget the purpose for what we dedicate our time to. 

In our efforts to positively affect as many people as we can in our brief lives, we must become increasingly efficient in acquiring each person that has the greatest chance to experience optimal results from our personal, experiential, and learned knowledge.

Additionally, it is becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate ourselves from everyone else. This unique quality is often required to be expressed in our message, presentation as well as the vehicle of delivery.


The method of delivery you will now experience is a simple funnel utilizing, private messaging and Facebook retargeting. While it can get as complicated as you like, I will simply show you how you can accomplish 6 or so touches to set you up to close the perfect client.


This video is intended to give you the information I promised you - a formula for acquiring one on one clients. Since you made it here, I've gotten in front of you at lease three times.


  1. The place we met, which may have been a Facebook group, Instagram connection, or LinkedIn post.

  2. The personal message exchange.

  3. This page with video and text that helps you understand who I am and how I think.


Once people get here, they may click around and learn more about me, providing more touches that will get them more comfortable with saying yes later on or even schedule time with me which will avoid me spending any money on the rest of the funnel.


Just for landing on this page, you have been pixeled. Assuming you didn't already schedule time with me through my pixeled Calendy link, you will eventually see the next video delivered to you via Facebook and/or Instagram in a retargeting campaign for everyone who visited this page. 

If you've heard enough and are interested in speaking in person to learn more about how I can help you Overcome Obstacles and Achieve the life and business success you expect, please schedule time with me using the link below.

The process

  1. Meet in a group, Facebook, in person, LinkedIn connection, etc.

  2. Create a pixeled page with content (Video 1) created specifically for a challenge you can help them overcome that they are most likely having or a desire they need help fulfilling or etc.

  3. Create Video 2 that elaborates on the previous content.

  4. Create a Facebook retargeting campaign for only people who visited the pixeled page with Video 2 as the creative. Link to an application or direct to Calendy. The benefits of the application page is that it should be integrated into your crm. Calendy lets you ask many questions to validate each potential client and I believe it will also integrate to a crm so you can link directly to Calendy to eliminate a process and make it easier for the future client.

  5. Create Video 3 with more information about you, your journey, and how you are the person to help them in a specific way. Include testimonials and social proof if you have any.

  6. Create a Facebook retargeting campaign for only people who watched most of Video 2. Video 3 will be the creative. Link to application or calendy.

  7. Create Video 4 with more emphasis on scheduling a call. Overcome obstacles to scheduling the call - time, money, never hired a coach before, etc.

  8. Create a Facebook retargeting campaign for only people who watched most of Video 3. Video 4 will be the creative. Link to application or calendy.

  9. Send a private message with the link to the pixeled page and text describing what they will experience with the content. There's a chance they will return to the pm for further information. Encourage them to schedule time to speak. Time management is essential.

  10. Show up for the scheduled call.

Ad Setup

Retarget Ad 1

  1. Open

  2. Create and set up a new pixel

    1. select the event to recognize when someone has scheduled an appointment by submitting information on a form. In the set up process, allow Facebook to do this for you.

    2. Alternatively you can utilize a pixel created for your calendar scheduler.

  3. Open Ads Manager, Create a new Campaign, name it and click Next

  4. Name your Adset so that it indicates it is retargeting your landing page

  5. Select Website as the Conversion

  6. Select the name of your Pixel event

  7. Set your budget

  8. Select Create a New Custom Audience 

    1. Select Website

    2. Select People Who Visited a Specific Page

    3. name it to describe what audience it is targeting

    4. Create Audience

  9. Select location - preferably all places that speak your language:-)

  10. Select Manual Placements

    1. I like to avoid the sidebar and anything that interrupts a potential client's social experience. I keep the ads to posts and stories.

  11. Click Next

  12. Upload the video you created that provides more valuable detail on the topic you discussed in the landing page video. Do not include any salesy copy or comments in this video. It is for value purposes only so that the viewer can get more of who you are without feeling you are asking for their money. Ensure you ask them to schedule a free call at the end unless you choose to do the long video where they are more primed to pay if they watch the whole thing. 

  13. Write copy that describes what you are discussing. Keep it within Instagram's limits and add as much as you can for people who prefer to read rather than watch. Long copy will take time to read and will log a longer video watch time.

  14. Create a few interesting headlines that describe the content of the video - no salesy hooks. Try to be real and passionate about what you are speaking about.

  15. Add a link to you calendar scheduler or application page.

  16. Submit

Retarget Ad 2

  1. Open Ads Manager, Create a new Campaign, name it and click Next

  2. Name your Adset so that it indicates it is retargeting the previous video campaign

  3. Select Website as the Conversion

  4. Select the name of your Pixel event

  5. Select Create a New Custom Audience

    1. Select Video

    2. Choose people who watched most of your video. I think 75% is enough but that choice is up to you.

    3. Name it and Create Audience

  6. Everything else is the same as the previous campaign

Retarget Ad 3 is the same as Retarget Ad 2 but with the last video strongly encouraging an appointment. In this on you want to overcome all obstacles to scheduling a call. 

Remember, in all videos: Be creative, enthusiastic, real, passionate, entertaining, educational and inspirational.

Good Luck!




Automated Social and Lead Generation: Phantombuster
Facebook/IG ad manager

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