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It’s Impossible Only If You Believe It to Be So

We must eliminate the concept of impossible. Before men landed on the moon, experts said it was impossible. Before Europeans sailed to the Americas, sailors said it was impossible. Airplanes, microchips, quantum physics, artificial intelligence, the four-minute mile, summiting Mt. Everest, recreating your grandmother’s secret chocolate chip cookie recipe — these, along with innumerable more, were all once considered impossible. Driven by a desire to achieve and the belief that they would succeed, each of the pioneers responsible for once-believed impossible feats succeeded in the face of adversity — and in the face of critics.

On your quest to achieve greatness, you will experience the same. People will tell you it won’t work. They will encourage you to quit. “Don’t waste your time doing that thing,” they may say. Or “You aren’t trained in that,” or even worse, “How could someone like you do something like that?” You might hear, “It’s impossible for one person to make a difference in this world.” But all of these statements are simply obstacles in your journey. You must learn to overcome the criticism before you can genuinely believe you will succeed.

Your critics will not believe in you, even if you have proved successful in past ventures. Because they believe it’s impossible, they will try to convince you of the same — either out of love for your mental, physical, or financial security or out of jealousy or some other misguided rationale.

Everyone experiences life from their own personal point of view.

It is nearly impossible to convey your idea to anyone else. In an effort to limit negativity that may impair your success, you shouldn’t put a significant amount of effort into explaining yourself to people who won’t understand or support you in the endeavor.

Substantial criticism for your projects will come from those closest to you — it’ll hurt, and you’ll probably believe them.

However, as you may already realize, your harshest critic is most likely yourself. In other words, your own mind will be first in line to tell you “You can’t!” and to beat you up every step of the way if you persist.

Put away unwarranted concerns and believe intently in your success because nothing is impossible unless you believe it to be so. Let’s go ahead and eliminate that word, as well as the phrase “I can’t” from our vocabulary.

The phrase “I can’t” is one of the most, if not the most, defeating phrases in human history. It’s so simple to say but extremely powerful. I don’t let my children say it. In my house it’s worse than any profanity. I have them accustomed to saying, I’m having a hard time with it or I’ll need help if I’m going to do that.

That’s because what they are really saying when they say, “I can’t” is that “it’s hard and I don’t want to do hard things.” That is basic human nature. They may also be scared of failing at the task. It doesn’t really matter what they say as long as their next action isn’t to quit or refuse to even attempt the thing we are discussing. Nothing great has ever been achieved after those foul words have been uttered.

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