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How to Thrive in Crisis: Become Comfortable With the Unknown

We all try to understand and give meaning to life and uncertainty. Becoming comfortable with the unknown may be the best skill to learn today. The cool thing about life is that we don't know what's coming next. The future is always unknown. Having problems to solve is a good thing.

Problems generate curiosity and creativity to solve them...even problems that don't yet exist.

As an investment professional, I've become comfortable with the fact that when there is great uncertainty in the financial markets, that's when there is great opportunity for profit. Thinking about life this way is the same – there are great opportunities for growth and meaning in uncertainty.

Think about why we have a desire to solve our uncertain problem and we’ll find it comes from insecurity. Dive deeper into the insecurity without judging it or giving it a label such as good or bad. It’s often a personal place where we worry about losing money, relationships, health, etc.

Not knowing brings clarity. A mind fully available in the moment allows a relationship with what is. When we’re not worried about what doesn’t exist, we can then think about and observe that uncertain thought. Then we are capable of putting a plan together. When we can eliminate stress and anxiety – clarity – we will be capable of using all our mental capacity to solve the problem.

Adopt a declaration such as,

Wow! What a moment of uncertainty. I can see what’s going on and it’s affecting my life. I don’t have the answers and that’s ok.

Only with improved clarity can we meet the moment with wisdom without reacting.

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