How Artificial Intelligence is Reshaping Banking

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

The advancements in technology and digital infrastructure are revolutionizing how businesses is conducted. Every now and then, we see new and innovative products and services that are intended to solve a given problem, bridge the existing gap or bring a better user experience.

Google, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Instagram, Uber, Yelp, Square, etc are some of the examples that have modernized our consumer behavior as well as overall life style. All of these incorporate Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning into their platforms to learn from the customer’s preferences, likes and dislikes, ordering history and related online behavior to show relevant products, advertisements and user-centric content.

So, what is A.I/M.L at the first place?

Artificial Intelligence is the effort to automate intellectual tasks normally performed by humans,

says Francois Chollet, an A.I scientist at G