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Clarity in Opportunity Overload

Write down your current status with 100% truth. Be real with yourself.

Write down your one year goal by looking back from the future.

Write down why these goals are so important.

Write down the capabilities you need to accomplish these goals.

If you're doing this for yourself, to get you focused on the direction you want to point your ship in this crazy busy world where we have opportunity overload. We can go down so many different paths, but really there's only a few things in our life that really move the needle, and a few things in life that move the needle towards where we really want to go, not when we're being guided by so many outside forces.

So what this does for me, and why I love to do it, to really set the intention, to get me focused to where I want to go. That's really where you are. You see, if you have a desire to go someplace, even if you're in your car and you have GPS, you need a starting point. And for me, the starting point is so important because it's the truth. All change starts with honesty. You may be uncomfortable in a certain area of your life, and this is the tool that extracts it, expose it. It's like a cut. Rip off the band-aid. Expose the cut, put salt on it. Feel it, because pain sometimes causes movement. Not sometimes, always. You've done more in your life out of avoiding pain than you have for pleasure. Don't say, "Oh, I just want to expand my business. No, I'm behind on my mortgage and I hate being late," or, "I have no money in savings," or, "I want money for my children in case world goes to hell in a hand basket." This is where you want to tell the truth.

Think about it. We have a destination that we're going to find in a moment. This is the GPS. This is the starting point. Where are you? What is your current situation? In Ken Glickman's words, it's one year from today, and it was the best year of your life - what does that look like? Where do you want to point your ship? In a world of chaos, we're like the Tasmanian devil and the roadrunner. We're spinning so fast, we got a dust cloud around us. It's hard to set goals, really hard. But if we can extract ourselves from the current craziness with the current dust storm and move forward one year and look backwards and say, "It's the best year of my life. I lost the weight. I got the girl. I made the money. I scaled the company. I got the real estate deal. I started my Shopify account. I'm doing ads on Facebook..." Whatever it is you're doing, it's the best year of your life.

So many of us get sucked into what we don't want out of life. Tell me all the things you don't want. What aren't your goals, the opposite of your goals? Everyone knows what they don’t want but few can actually say when asked on the spot what they do want. And this is where we're going to get clarity so you can point your ship in the right direction, so all your energy can go towards your bigger future. The clarity equals a bigger future.

We only have a certain amount of energy to give. It's got to be pointed in the right direction, or it'll get fragmented. Fuzzy targets don't get hit. Think about the story of a bunch of dads who take 20 kids between 15 and 17 years old whitewater rafting. They get there, and it rains four days prior to them being there. They were a nervous wreck when the Rapids were a five out of five. "No, I think we're going to cancel." But the guide came out, and he said, "Dads, relax. Boys, get in the raft, because we're going to be fine today. You see this finger? It's the positive point. You see, when I point, I want you boys to focus all your energy where I point, and paddle your guts out, and I promise you will be safe. I've never lost anyone," he would joke.

He said, "Here's what I did when I first started becoming a guide. We'd be in the raft, and I'd see a really bad rapid. And I'd go, 'Boys, don't go to that rapid. We'll flip over.' I'd see a tree that was down like, 'Oh my God, don't hit the tree.' See a rock in the way, 'Don't hit the rock.'" And he said, "What would everybody do? They would turn and they'd looked at the rock, look at the rapid, look at the tree. We'd run right into it and flip over." And I realized at that moment that what we focus on is where we go. The guide turned to him and said, "But ever since, I pointed my finger where it is I want you guys to go, and you put all your energy, all your effort, all your rowing into that. We go right by the rock, and you don't even know it's there." Where is it that you want to go, so you can put all of your energy or so you can focus your ship in one direction, so you can avoid all the things that aren't building your life, your bigger future? So many of us are focusing on what we don't want in our business, in our life, in our health, in our relationships, in anything, fill in the blanks, and we're just getting more of it.

We're so busy that it's hard to set goals because we can't see through the dust. Let's pretend it's a year from now. And instead of being in dust, extract yourself, move forward for a year, and look back. And it's the best year of your life. What does that look like? How much are you making? Where is your company? When you look back, what is the best year look like? Is it more time for you, more time for your family, more time to get in better shape, or more net revenue, or more top-end revenue, or more impact on the world, or more sales, or starting the new company, or losing the weight, or making the relationship intimate again? Whatever it is, what is the best year of life? And start writing it down. Circle the top five or six, and that's where you want to go. That's your goals. That's the easiest and quickest way to get clarity on where you want to go.

So now, at this moment, you have where you are, your current status, truth and honest. So now you have a starting point. Now you’re ready to set real intentions, the positive point. Where do you want to go with clarity? And now all of a sudden, you have more than 90% of the entrepreneurs in the world. You’ll know where you are and where you want to go, so you can start saying no to everything else.

Also ask yourself, why do you want it? Why is it important that you find intimacy in your relationship again? Why is it important to get the girl, get the guy, to double your sales, to have more net revenue, to have more free time, to get in better shape? You can say, "I want my company to scale. I want to hit 100 million this year." That's great, but why do you really want that? Is it for the significance? Is it because your parents weren't there when you were a kid and you want to be there for your kids? Do you want to have more money away for retirement so you can be secure? Do you want to give more money to charity? Do you want to rekindle the relationship with your husband? Do you want to find time to be with your grandchildren? Do you want to travel the world? Do you want to get a second house? Do you want to stop running on a treadmill your whole life?

I don't know what it is, but I promise you it's deeper. There is a deeper why than you're even thinking of. If you tell me it's for financial freedom, then why do you want financial freedom? Well, because I want to leave an impact on the world. Well, why do you want to leave an impact? It's always deeper.

If you know where you are, you know where you want to go, you know why you want it, the only thing left is the capabilities to get there, the how. Your best thinking got you to the point where you are at this very moment. This is where you are. How are you going to get there? Do you need a marketing department? Do you need a new CFO? Do you need a partner with money? Do you need to understand YouTube skills or how to build an Instagram account, or how to have more followers? This is where you start writing down what you need, and guess what, this will get you to work on extracting it from others.

But think about that exercise I just shared with you. Did it make an impact on you? So think about this. You do this, and then share with other people. Now they know where you want to go, and a lot of them go, "Oh, I got that capability. Oh, you can just call this guy for that. Oh, I have a marketing director. Oh, I know a CFO that could use the job." That's how I get cool things accomplished these days. It's how you collaborate.

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