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Attitude To Begin: Attitude Adjustment Series (Part 1)

I’m tired of hearing the term “mindset”. While it seems to be an appropriately termed expression, I’m just tired of hearing it. For this writing, mindset will be synonymous with an “Attitude for achievement”.

I’ll briefly touch on gaining an Attitude for Achievement because as of this writing, mindset training is exceedingly popular. A simple search will reveal a multitude of techniques that will help you step into the appropriate attitude to accomplish any goal you set for yourself. I want to reveal the simple philosophy that I have learned to help me get started and stay focused.

Setting your attitude to a state that enables you to tackle the first step of your strategy is crucial. This may include a powerful declaration or reciting a mantra or deep breathing. It might involve reading, listening to and/or watching a motivational speech. Or perhaps pulling your mind from the outside to the inside through meditation is the way you set your attitude to successfully complete the first step.

Whatever gets you there and helps you complete the step, you have to realize that

the most important thing to do once you complete the first step is to reset your attitude to a state that will enable you to tackle the next step.

Then, if you see where this is going, you will realize that establishing an attitude to achieve is a constant process that precedes each step of your strategy. Continual attitude adjustment allows you to jump into the next step and the next after that. Adjusting for that next step is what propels you to your desired end result.

If at any point you can’t set your attitude to tackle the next step, you will become preoccupied by the infinite distractions that crave our attention each second of every day.

If you have an important goal — one that requires intense focus — you may need to make a lifestyle adjustment. I’m not suggesting anything drastic like becoming a vegan if you love meat, but what I do suggest is something like determining what the least distracted time of the day is for you and then adjust your schedule to focus solely on that important goal during that time.

By the way, those of you with “regain health” or “lose weight” goals know upfront that a lifestyle change is waiting for you — or there will be no success. Those of you with goals to make beneficial changes in your character or other behaviors (because your deep why is to improve all your personal relationships) will also see lifestyle changes lead to and are part and parcel of that success.

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