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Attitude To Achieve: Attitude Adjustment Series (Part 2)

After you make the decision and develop an attitude to begin, ask yourself,

What is my current attitude toward achievement?

What you think and feel today dramatically impacts the next decision you make. That’s the concept of continual attitude adjustment. Are your thoughts encouraging amazing decision-making or are they laced with fear of what bad thing might happen if you pursue this goal?

Fearful thoughts may not even be related to the goal. You may be thinking about how you don’t want your teenage daughter to date a certain guy or why your favorite Netflix series ended at season three. Whatever it is, that negativity and fear will leach into other areas of your life, critically harming the seeds of success you intend to plant.

Your new project, goal, lifestyle change or business venture could be permanently impaired if you attach to it your current feelings of fear and anxiety about unrelated matters. If this happens, you may forever have that feeling when you think or try to work on the goal.

If you are feeling financial anxiety when you start a new project, you may feel anxious every time you think about the goal which doesn’t sound fun at all. You may not find the necessary motivation to work on your project or goal until the anxiety subsides, which it may never do since you started the project with anxiety.

It is imperative that you are in an innovative, motivated, hopeful, and enthusiastic state when you begin. If you aren’t, then don’t do anything with the goal. Do something else that isn’t as important to you. Don’t increase the risk of failure when you can do a variety of things to quickly change your attitude and then begin.

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