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A Successful Journey

Let’s face it, not everything we do will be successful. If you understand that, then you shouldn’t feel anxiety about continuing anything you start. If you aren’t concerned with the end result and put your attention solely on the actions with the goal of enjoying the process and knowing that no matter what happens you will learn a tremendous amount about the thing you are doing as well as yourself, then that in itself is a success. If you can think about everything you do in this manner, then nothing will be a failure. It may not make the money you want, or you may not get the solo chair in the community orchestra, but you will learn. And if you can enjoy learning, then you’re all set to begin.

I seriously questioned whether to put the effort into the Achieve book. Not because of time or lack of enthusiasm, but because I’m saying a lot of what other people have been teaching for decades. This thinking keeps many from doing really great things. “There’s already a product like that.” “There are already paintings of trees.” “There are already people teaching that.” I’m sure you’ve used a similar excuse at least once in your life. I know I have many times. I’m having them now even as I type this sentence.

Do not be concerned with the fruit of your action — just give attention to the action itself. The fruit will come of its own accord.

We must realize that we can’t be totally focused on or concerned about the outcome of our completed project because most likely it will go differently than we expect. We must gain the attitude to enjoy the journey to wherever we are going.

The goal of life is not to merely get to the end. It is to enjoy all the intricate details it brings to us in each beautiful moment.

Our goals, like life itself, will present numerous obstacles. And again like life, we must handle these obstacles along the way, understanding many of those blocks will be our own thinking. Once we can grasp the power of our own thoughts and modify them to empower our projects, then we can put some serious effort into working toward an end goal that satisfies whatever desire the project was intended to satisfy.

A close friend of mine has a serious issue with saying what other people have already said. She’s an amazing person with an abundance of health and wellness knowledge. I told her that even though her audience may have heard it from someone else, they haven’t heard her message in the unique manner that only she can deliver.

The way she says it may be the difference between someone making a significant life change in favor of better health and someone who just listens and immediately forgets. This is why it is so important to be authentic. If you merely copy someone else’s style, speech, or teachings, then you will struggle to find your unique audience — because your audience is looking for how you deliver the message, not how you think they want to receive the message. Understand the difference?

No one delivers similar information in the same way. We all have our ideal audience. While I’ve attributed several ideas to other people in the Achieve book, we all convey them differently, which means we all appeal to a different audience even though we are essentially saying the same thing.

You have a powerful voice. Your unique audience needs to hear the message from you and only you. If you have something to say, say it. If you have a product that will help many, build it. If you have love to share, share it. Don’t let the fear of what someone might say prevent you from doing that great thing that only you can do.

It’s better to have loved and lost than to F — — it all up because you were too scared to open your heart. Just get in there, give it all you have, and enjoy the ride.

How else will we progress as a society if we don’t help everyone else rise to a higher level? A common theme in the book is to reach your goals, finish your projects, achieve your dreams. I want what you have. The world needs what you are building. People desire the love you want to share. We need the inspiration of your success story.

Keep learning and pushing forward. Keep the momentum of awesomeness going goal after goal.

Leave all your greatness here when you leave this Earth.

Be brave enough to dance.

Sing your song.

Get your voice out there in any way you can. Today there are more ways to do that than ever.

The world needs you.

I need you.

Now go do it!

Excerpt from Achieve: Overcome Obstacles. Find Time for Greatness. Develop a Framework to Achieve Anything.


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