Achieve is a book designed with one purpose in mind; to take your amazing ideas from your head and bring them to this world by using easy to learn skills applied by only the highest Achievers.


I was in a near fatal motorcycle accident, I've been on the edge of financial collapse, I suffered through a terrible divorce, the break-up of my dream family life and have been riddled with depression and anxiety.


And for the longest time I thought that achieving important goals was only for other people who followed the rules, were more outgoing and people who knew how to finish.


But then I started to study the path others took to achieve success and I realized that they shared many things in common. And that they each followed a process that created their own Achievement Formula. And I started to apply it.


Once you have the process I personally use, you will find yourself with more confidence, more clarity, and able to act faster with less doubt, stress, or confusion.


You'll learn The Truth About Overcoming Obstacles is Belief


In Achieve I deliver you both the road map and the secrets that high achievers use to overcome whatever is in their way and achieve that next level of life.


With this book you'll learn how to eliminate excuses and believe any idea is possible.




And once you have that, you're ready for what might be the most important thing of all. CONFIDENCE THAT NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.


In today's world, it's all about this one question: Do you have the ATTITUDE TO ACHIEVE?


Most people never bother to find out what true achievement is ...much less take the time to cultivate the skills necessary to achieve their dreams.


But it's not difficult ...and it can be mastered at any age and I give you the recipe to follow so you can have these skills by the time you are done reading Achieve.


So as you can see, this is going to be MUCH than you're expecting.

Table of Contents


Fear Is Part of the Adventure. 3

You Can Do It Too. 7

Identify. 13

Write It Down. 15

Open to Opportunities. 18

To Africa and Beyond. 21

It’s Impossible Only If You Believe It to Be So. 24

Do Something Impossible. 26

Begin. 28

What 30

The Role of Passion. 32

Be Broad and Specific. 35

Why. 36

End. 38

Attitude. 43

A Decision That Changed My Life. 45

Attitude to Begin. 52

The #4amClub. 54

Attitude to Achieve. 55

Meditation. 56

Declarations and Mantras. 58

Breathing. 59

Focused Movement 61

A Successful Journey. 61

Ten Steps to Change Destructive Patterns. 65

Attitude to Continue. 72

Attitude to Finish. 75

Who Cares What They Might Say?. 78

Choices. 81

Fear and Anxiety. 83

Depression. 92

Five Steps to Overcome Challenges. 105

How I Love Everything I Do. 111

Maximum Effort 115

Momentum... 122

Seven Habits of High Achievers. 124

Wake Early. 125

Be Consistent 125

Stay Focused. 125

Visualize. 126

Take Risks. 127

Learn from Others. 128

Deliberate Practice. 128

12 Reasons Why We Fail 131

Strategy. 133

A Strategy to Achieve Anything. 135

Know What You Have, Get What You Need, Set Your Goals. 136

Acquire Additional Knowledge. 137

Resourcefulness. 138

Haves and Wants. 139

Set Your Goals – All of Them... 143

Recruit Others to Help. 146

The Do Not Do List 148

Build Your Project With Your Strategy and Mini-Goals. 150

Test Your Initial Draft 152

Scrap or Sell 154

Collect the Data to Measure Your Success. 156

Sell It! 159

Prepare for Your Audience. 161

How to Get Anyone Interested in Your Idea. 163

The Intrigue-Story-Go Method. 167

Intrigue. 168

Story. 170

Go. 177

Marketing Essentials. 178

Scarcity and FOMO... 178

Reverse Selling. 180

So You Have Only One Piece of Content 183

Value-Add Video That Sells All Your Stuff 184

Launch – Grow and Borrow a Following. 185

Mandy’s Sales Funnel 193

My Goal: A 30-Day Book Launch. 198

Do More Than You Think You Can. 201

Afterword….... 207

On Creativity. 209

Mandy’s Health and Fitness Course. 211

Quotes. 220

The Achieve Anything Outline. 230

Acknowledgements. 234

Literature Cited. 235

About the Author 237